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sol-1 MPPT
Solar battery charger MPPT SOL-1 ....
or: ...How to reach up 35% more out of your solar panel?
EMPO-NI´s "Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT)" Solar battery charger "SOL-1" is suitable for solar panels of up to 100W and can charge alternatively 12V batteries out of 12V solar panels ("step down conversion ") OR as the only charger 24V batteries out of a 12V solar panel ("step - up conversion ").
EMPO-NI have fundamentally researched on new topologies for battery charging and realized a by means of modern microprocessor technology a charger which automatically determines the conversion mode "up" or "down" and optimizes the operation point of the connected solar panel by MPPT in order to reach highest system power

This technology can lead to a gain of efficiency of solar power systems of up to 35% . Of course this advantage leads to more space efficient systems and helps to reduce the total system cost

Today´s conventional battery charger usually perform a step down conversion only and hence, these units have to employ 2 pieces of 12V solar panels or or the rarely available 24V panels to feed 24V systems. The SOL-1 can do this out of one piece of standard 12V solar panel. The implementation of MPPT technology requires today a digitized mathematical algorithm and the utilization of microcontroller technology for highest precision. The complexity of such a system compared with conventional non-MPPT battery charger is increased and therefore the cost of such a system are higher. However the total system cost of a MPPT system, e.g. the cost of the solar panel and its charger in relation to the achievable output power are significantly better compared with conventional systems. A simplified calculation example points out the cost benefit of MPPT systems. Please refer to the graph showing the characteristic curve of a solar cell: A solar panel shall generate 4 Ampere because of its current illumination. A battery of 12V charged by a connected non-MPPT charger will also receive these 4 Ampere. However EMPO-NI´s SOL-1 transforms the whole power at the operation point of the solar panel into current - in this case up to 4A * 16,8V / 12V = 5,6A would be charged into the battery. This 1,6A more charge current corresponds to a solar panel size difference of about 19W which are wasted in the case of a non-MPPT battery charger. Please estimate the cost (loss) of a 19W solar panel yourself. Welcome to the High- Tech of EMPO-NI !

EMPO-NI has developed a hybrid control system which allows to build up cost attractive MPPT battery charger for systems even below 25W .

Summarizing the key features of our "SOL-1":
a.) Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) for battery charger below 100W
.) step-up and and step-down conversion in one unit
c.) High efficiency up to +35% more out of your solar panels - cost optimization
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