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Solarpanel integrated battery charger SOLmini using 5cm² active PCB space only
Conventional solar systems charging batteries comprise 2 separate units (solar panel and battery charger) plus the battery itself: The solar panel (IP65) is connected by a cupper wire with the battery charger (IP20) and the battery charger of course with the battery.
Our new approach is using the space of the standard conection box of the solar panel as housing and implements a dedicated specially matched solar battery charger there. Thus our EMPO-NI battery charger reaches the same protection class (of IP65 for example) like the connection box itself. Simultaneously this approach is saving raw materials and hence it is environmentally friendly unlike the standard approach, because on one hand only the minimum amount of necessary PCB space is used and on the other hand a separate additional housing for the solar battery charger can be avoided.

The technical level of complexity to realize such kind of project is much higher than the development of a standard "stand alone" solar battery charger: EMPO-NI have besides the development of a suitable circuit topology for the solar battery charging function considering the total space constraints inside the connection box also solved the temperature drift problem. The electronics built into the connection box has to reliably withstand temperatures as high as 70°C during normal operation and it has to operate precisely under these conditions. Enormous temperature swings between night and day, winter and summer create new tasks to be handled to reach a long term reliability that allows a safe operation in remote areas over many years.

Our tests confirm that our SOLmini technology can reach these keen targets for temperatures of minimum 85°C. This high reliability has been reached by a careful selection of components which are partially custom made components made exclusively for EMPO-NI.


Here are the key features of our "SOLmini" :
a.) Compactness, little amount of raw material requirement, environmentally friendly
b.) low cost, competitive with Asian products
c.) A minimum of IP56 can be reached depending on the connection box´ IP protection class
d.) Extreme wide operation temperature range of -25°C...85°C
e.) Integration and highly reliable
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