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SOLAR PANEL integrated solar charger SOLmini
sol-1 EMPO-NI SOLmini Technologie Made in Germany
About SOLmini:    
- stand alone solar system  
- includet panel and chargert

Applications: stand alone power supply 12V or 24V solar panels.To connect your accumulator through a protective fuse.

Operation conditions of integrated battery charger / controller 12V- 5W up to 40W:
Characteristics 12V-5W 12V-15W 12V-25W 12-40W
Battery voltage:
10,5V ... 14,4V
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Temperature range:
-20°C ... + 85°C
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Recommended fuse:
ca. 2,5 Ampere ca. 2,5 Ampere ca. 4 Ampere
Protection class:
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Maximum charge current : 0,29A 0,86A 1,45A ca. 2,3A
Integrated over charge protection ja ja ja ja
Parallel connection with other units possible.
  Specifications solar panels 12V- 5W up to 40 Watt
Rated power
15Watt 25Watt 40Watt
Solar panel: monocrystallin polycrystallin monocrystallin polycrystallin
Short Circuit Current (Isc):
0,98A 1,78A 2,68A
Aluminum profile
Cable length:
2 x ca 50cm GZX connector water-proof with double rubber sealing
Dimensions in mm
465x250x20 434x552 x23 645x460x25
Weight: ca 1 kg ca 1,54kg ca 3,5 kg ca 3,8 kg
Stable surface, soil-repellant.
The aluminium profile employs mounting holes at the back side of the frame.
ATTENTION!: If your need additional connectors for your solar panel, please cheсk out the special offers and tell us your requirement.
  SOLmini12V-5Watt SOLmini12V-15Watt SOLmini12V-40Watt
  solmini12v-5W 15Watt 40Watt
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