PV-modul integrated battery charge controller SOLmini (IP65)

Our SOLmini series of PWM controlled battery charger controller are integrated into the PV-panel's junction box. SOLmini's are available for various current (0-9A) classes and battery voltage  ranges (9V-48V). Over 20 different SOLmini models are currently manufactured and we provide some of them as custom models.

The great advantage of the SOLmini application: You can connect SOLmini`s endlessly in parallel simply by plug-and-play to get more power of your devices.

Please find more information how to use robust SOLmini at your convenience in our SOLmini flyer in the download area at www.empo-ni.de

The SOLminis are typically used in remote areas - our customers use them even at the Antarctica or at the rain forest for weather monitoring stations as well as for "simple" garage door openers and camping.

Conventional PV-solar systems charging batteries comprise typically a PV-panel and a separate IP20 protected battery charger with additional cabling / assembly effort and consequently lower robustness against dust and humidity.

The EMPO-NI SOLmini avoids additional cabling and provides typically min. IP65 protection degree - same like the box it is integrated into. Simple. Robust.

Our new approach is to use the inside space of suitable junction boxes with a high ingress protection degree as housing for our high temperature enduring electronics and to implement in this way a dedicated specially matched solar battery charger for the PV-panel. Please contact us for on stock standard PV-panels with integrated SOLmini technology.


Lighting Set with SOlmini, 1.2m LED lamp 18W