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EMPO-NI oil press PV off-grid kit
with temperature controlled 1.1kW oil press based on EMPO-NI's SDD1.5kW-425V-OE-1.1
Range: 0,75kW/1,1kW/1,5kW

Winner of the Bavarian State Prize 2022

  • MPPT temperature and speed controller for oil press applications with autostart

  • optional modem remote control and Geo location monitoring      

  • Pay-As-You-Go ready.

The system is remotely controllable through the optional GSM modem and employs various safety and protection functions.The SDD1.5kW-425V-OE is in an IP54(65) protected outdoor enclosure, passively cooled and provides a temperature sensor interface and PWM control output for the oil press heating element.

The SDD1.5kW-425V-OE is EMPO-NI’s NEW Solar Direct Drive  automatically controlling a complete oil-presssystem e.g. from the (pre-)heating to the efficient drive of the oil press’ gear motor at the Maximum Power Point.
The SDD’s MPP control optimizes at any time of the operation process the distribution of all available power from the PV-panel array between the (pre-)heater and the gear motor to ensure fastest start-up and best oil pressing results.

  • only requires 7 PV panels of 60cells of at least 275Wp or 5 PV-panels of 72cells to make it run.

  • system complies with international safety and food processing standards

  • using high-quality stainless-steel materials and hardened extruder screws for longest lifetime.

Up to 20kg of seeds and kernels can be processed per hour with the SDD1.5kW-425V-OE-1.1 and provide up to
35.000 liter per year of high quality vegetable oil.

No further running / operational costs such as diesel or gas or batteries!

With a robust PV-voltage optimized 3-phase motor, you need less PV modules!

Sustainable technology protecting health and environment!

Create sustainable local businesses and value chains!

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